Wasted love Things go crazy all the time. Things surprise me, shock me, make me think too much. I trust the universe. I believe in the outcome delivered to me. I know time will bring understanding. #WastedLove #ExLove #Love #HealingHearts #PicturePerfect #Universe #Trust #NoRegrets #Dedication I trust in my heart. It beats along wild pathways. I trust in you. I believe in me. I know us. #MyLife #Growth #WomanHood #WithoutYou #PersonalNotes I resonate with lyrics. They understand me. I understand you. I don’t know who you are. You’re my wasted love. My real love. Wish you knew I was the one. You can do what you want, because I’ve set you free. Next thing I know you’re leaving me. #GetAwayFromLove Truth on a song #WastedLove #JheneAiko

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