Stress & Wonderland

Lately I’ve been so stressed out, panel meeting, work, family life and my personal time…it’s all never ending and often, I forget to take a moment out to breathe and a day off from being a prisoner of time.

It’s all to that I encounter time-thieves! They come along, smiling like the cat from Alice in Wonderland luring me in with ‘it will only take five minutes,’ then stealing 40. I struggle to say no, which is a weakness. When I do say no, it falls upon deaf ears. And tension mounts up and stress rages internally…but I smile with such grace and silence.

Today I treated myself to two new books: Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis & Gun Machine by Warren Ellis.

Gun Machine was recommended to me by the Sales Associate in Waterstones – I read a few pages and was impressed.

I later returned home and made beef burgers, lettuce, ketchup and a white bread bun, all Marks & Spencer such a delicious collection in my mouth. Now I lay upon my bed, covered in a beach towel and drifting off to wonderland…


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