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Man: ‘She grassed me up, she told the world!’

Woman: ‘What, she really spoke?’

Man: ‘She more than spoke, she told the others.’

Woman: ‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll cut her throat!’

Man: ‘She’s exaggerating about the facts. I mean, yes I did a little bit of this and a smidgen of that.’

Woman: ‘But it was just a joke?’

Man: ‘Yes. I did do all that she said. But fuck that dramatic bitch! She’s pushed me right over the edge.’

Woman: ‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll cut her throat.’

Man: ‘I want to choke the fucking grass and smash her head into her desk.’

Woman: ‘I’ll support you, either way, do what you feel is best.’

Man: ‘When she returns to work, I’ll break her down. I’ll overwhelm her with tasks, I’ll smash her crown. That pretentious witch believes she knows best. Well, I’ll give her what for, I’ll increase her stress.

Little Ms KnowItAll, informing the powers that be, that I mistreated her!



Woman: ‘On that final note, don’t worry about it. We’ll cut her throat.’


Stress & Wonderland

Lately I’ve been so stressed out, panel meeting, work, family life and my personal time…it’s all never ending and often, I forget to take a moment out to breathe and a day off from being a prisoner of time.

It’s all to that I encounter time-thieves! They come along, smiling like the cat from Alice in Wonderland luring me in with ‘it will only take five minutes,’ then stealing 40. I struggle to say no, which is a weakness. When I do say no, it falls upon deaf ears. And tension mounts up and stress rages internally…but I smile with such grace and silence.

Today I treated myself to two new books: Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis & Gun Machine by Warren Ellis.

Gun Machine was recommended to me by the Sales Associate in Waterstones – I read a few pages and was impressed.

I later returned home and made beef burgers, lettuce, ketchup and a white bread bun, all Marks & Spencer such a delicious collection in my mouth. Now I lay upon my bed, covered in a beach towel and drifting off to wonderland…