Privileged Capsules

We share the same space, as society infrequently places us together. Seated close by, we talk and exchange pleasantries.

You’ve had an easier upbringing, on the backs of my ancestors. I’ve had a challenging one, in the face of yours.

Yet you travel the world, in capsules of extra income. That you get from having a step up on the many backs, that have broken a billion times over.

You sit next to me, across from and around me. Vocalising how my culture is! What you learnt from my mother land and how I should do this and that.

Anything you want, you get without having to consult the universe. You’re aware of your privileges as you enjoy it every day. You bask in the glory of the souls you crush and the opportunities you steal – you know, the ones you were never interested in, but took, because you can?

I graft each day and work 10 times harder than the 7 capsules around me. Yet, they sail by and beyond…

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