Friends – Real Friends

Remember those long conversations with friends. Conversations that make you laugh, cry and almost pass out through lack of air.

Remember when you dream about doing something and those sameĀ friendsĀ say, ‘that’s impossible! You should just stick to working and work your way up in the company.’

Remember those friends that vanished when you needed their support? When you fell down, into a ditch that was filled with thorns of steel. They looked over the edge and turned their backs – Who wants to be that friend?



When I needed you all the most you abandoned me. I called out and I heard a rodent of some kind, gnawing away at the bones you left in your wake.



When it rains glitter on me, I see your eyes beam and shine in my direction. You smile and hit me up with a few plagiarised, overshared text messages. Then comes the invitation to lunch.

‘No thank you.’

Friends – Real friends, are people that stay around. Even though a load shit is dumped on top of me. Whilst I try to climb out of this ditch.

Even now, the only friend – the real friend I have, is Me, Myself & I.

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