About Earlier

📸: Taken by Crow

About Earlier

I went for a run.

Crow stayed near our home.

I went for a scan and was asked to return next week. Apparently, my bladder was not full.

I walked, and I walked, embracing the quieter roads and sounds of nature.

I bought mushrooms, broccoli, onions and rice.

I returned home and baked a banana loaf.

I sniffed the tulips, that rest upon the coffee table. I hate coffee.

Crow snuggled up in the corner of the window, the sunlight making his sapphire blue eyes sparkle like the crystals next to him.

We’re both introverts.

We’re both thriving.

We’re both happy.

Tomorrow, I will continue to read The Dolls Alphabet, and Crow will interrupt every three minutes. I like number three.

Now we sleep.

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