From the Files of Crow and Unique: Next Lifetime

I’ll perch on your chest and feel your heartbeats through my feet.

I’ll flutter around your mind like a humming-bird about to dip into a flower head.

I’ll dive deep down into the sea, to scoop up your waves of love.

I’ll fly beyond the perimeter of the Earth, to sprinkle my admiration directly above your layers.

Next lifetime, I’ll recognise you.

Next lifetime, I’ll hear you.

Next lifetime, I’ll see you.

Next lifetime, I’ll press my heart beside yours. We’ll beat as one.

Next lifetime, Phoenix will rise and burn out all the memories we formed in our lifetime.

Next lifetime, Crow will tear out from the heart of the Phoenix.

Next lifetime, Crow will paint every universe black.

Next lifetime, you’ll see nothing but I promise you, you’ll feel my love.



It keeps pulling up over the years and tries its best to drag me down.

If I smile in your presence I’m truly delighted.

The processes have me seduced by the flow. The many flows, within veins I’ve never thought to go.

Exploration of cavities can lead me to race through the darkness in my mind.

Toxins, disguised as love, always catch me by surprise.

I fear the dark side, yet my arms remain open.

I cringe at the nightmares that invade my day-dreams.

I shudder away from all signs of love, as I sense evil within loves true meaning.


It keeps comin’ thru’ like an old flame burning bridges. Like a snake in unicorn skin, only I see the ridges!

The diagram you place before me isn’t accurate, to say the least.

Deep in your eyes, I see jealously and bewilderment. I see love and comfort entangled around an iron blade. I see the lies you are eager to share, delivered alongside the thorny steams of white roses.

I kiss you then close my eyes.


Dear Love

Dear Love,

I love you.

But I love the world around us even more.

I love our sky.

I love our sea.

I love the air we breathe.

I love the swans paddling by on a warm summers day.

I love the peace of mind when drama and pain fade away.

I love your eyes.

I love your mind.

I love your brain in its entirety.

I love your soul.

I love your heart.

Every heartbeat counts, no authority.

I love the way your smile beams through to my vision.

I love your warmth, including extra love only emissions.

I love your kisses.

I love your touch.

I love our love when love is never too much.



Everything is Rosy

I’ve never met a man like you before.

You challenge me.

I’m excited.

I’m gushing through my white lace panties.

Currently, I’m dating an amazing man.

We have great sex and commitment.

He’s consistent.

Shout out to our future darling.

Everything is rosy.


Your seed zaps around my womb like a bolt of lightning.

I feel your son stretching every few hours. He will be tall like his father, a mighty warrior grows inside of me.

I’ll give you life.

You are my life.

I love you ZEUS

If I die during childbirth, know that every second with you – was worth US

Lightning rain down with bolts of passion. Unique is unique and that’s my last expression.


You never know what people are going through behind the scenes.

Sometimes your thoughts take you down blind roads. You feel warm but you’re scared.

You try reaching out to people you once deemed as trustworthy but they’re focused on their lives – you no longer meet their requirements.

Confidence is broken.

They’ve moved on.

You’re abandoned, you feel your heart beating and you want it to stop!

You want to lay there in bed and understand what you did wrong?

You feel alone.

They’ve gone.

Your fragile heart is broken and your mind full.

Ignored because you’re faulty.

Like drugs, you consume more and fuck up your perspective.

You make comparisons and you conduct a study.

You don’t comprehend the results, because everything points toward your favour.

Only you see red.

You imagine your absence to be peaceful.

Can You Show Me?

Can you show me your heart and I’ll show you mine?

I want us to compare love, especially at this time.

Can you show me your mind and I’ll teach you about life?

I want us to compare thoughts, even more so this time.

Can you show me your memories and I’ll tell you my story?

I want us to compare history, although history is history.


I hate em’ I hate em’ all.

I’m not your Therapist.

I’m not your mole.

I hate the fact that you drag on my fuckin’ tits!

Fuck off.

Leave me the fuck alone.

I love your hairy belly, but I fuckin’ hate you.

I want you out of my head.

Out of my phone!

My life.

Think twice; think twice.

Secrets are Secret

Photo credit: Unsplash

Have you ever felt so strong that if you were shot, you could take it?

Like right here, right now.


Through the centre of my heart, a bullet made from diamond pieced through.

My love for you poured out, crimson in colour, the temperature was the body.

Are you comfortable enough?

My heart is now faulty.

Pain, what pain? I’m too shocked to notice.

Eyes closed I hear your voice, ‘Unique, stay with me, baby.’

Like a baby, I lay helpless.

But I love this shade of red, it suits me.

You always looked impeccable in a suit darling, always.

I feel the warmth of your whisky infused breath, upon my eyebrows.

‘You can’t leave me Unique, we have a whole future together!’

I wonder if you noticed the expiry date when we joined up?

Thinking ‘forever’ never means the definition.

I found that out twenty seconds ago.

Have you ever felt so powerful, that if you were shot at, they would miss?


(Pop, pop, Pop)

A bullet scrapes by the side of my neck. But you’re alright darling, that’s all that matters.

‘Unique, I love you with all my heart.’

My heart bleeds out, air drifts away from me.

I can’t feel your breathing anymore, I struggle to open my eyes.

I know I’m dying.


‘Unique, I’m sorry baby. You know I love you, I do.’

Rah-ta-ta-tah, Rah-ta-ta-tah!

(Pop, pop, pop)

Every time you come around.

I take a few steps back, you make ten strides forward.

I tell you no.

You answer for me.

I lay motionless with a 5cm hole through my heart.

The beats are fading out.

Every time.

You return like the predicted coming of Jesus.

Only you’re here, right now.


My brown eyes open the moment the bullet cuts into the skin between my eyebrows.


My sun, my moon, my peace.

Everything I did was for you.

My moon, my sun, I sleep.

Everything you did was for you.

Never again will I see, never again will I feel.

Once loved, twice shot.

Twice shot, lovers plot.


Lovers plot? What’s the essence?

To kill for love, to kill equates to no sense.

No senses are working, I’m sorry.

Time of death.

‘I’m sorry, Unique! Please don’t die. I don’t know what came over me. I never wanted you to leave me. I’m sorry.’

He cradles my body and his tears and hysterics shower me with wasted energy.

‘I, I only wanted you to be mine. I wanted you to love me, just like I love you. Look, I wanted us to get married.’

He picks up the diamond ring from the side of my thigh and pushes it onto my ring finger.

He presses his lips upon mine and somehow ignores the blood that covering my Ruby Woo.

‘I panicked. Please, GOD! Please don’t let her die.’

His phone beeps.

He sends a reply.

He looks at pictures of us taken yesterday.

Plays the video

‘I wish we could spend the rest of our lives together, just us.’

‘I do too, baby girl.’

He phones the police.

Secrets are Secret