A Private Thought – by B.

📸: From the files of B

A Private Thought

Sent: ‘I’m happy for you. Unique, I really am.’

Received: ‘Thank you.’

Sent: ‘You deserve everything you need from the universe!’

*I really miss you.

I need you in my life.

I’m kinda happy for you? Well, I don’t want you to be too happy. Because I want you to turn to me when you’re sad, ask me if you can rant.

I want you to need me forever.

I want you to share everything with me.

I know this is terrible when I know you’ve moved on. But I want you Unique, I’m going to remain in your life.

Even when you push me away, I’ll be right here. I’m not going anywhere, you’re too important for me to lose.

I just felt we were?

I miss you.

Tell me anything you like. I wanna know.

Received: ‘I wholeheartedly trust our universe.’

Sent: ‘You deserve everything in life.’

Received: ‘Thank you.’

**You used to tell me everything. You used to say more!

I want you to tell me everything.

I want you to say more.

I can’t accept the ambiguity!

Sent: ‘You know I’ll always be here for you, whenever you need me.’

Received: ‘I’m happy. Thank you.’

**You’ll never know how much I miss you.


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