Forget Me…Not

📸: Galaxies

Forget my sapphire-blue hair, ruby-red lips and 34DDs.

Forget the calypso of Shea-butter oil, that exudes a sweet aroma from my hair.

Forget how I made you tingle all over, by delivering my honey kisses. When you longed for them, and when you dreamt about them. I always delivered.

Forget the moments of calm I instilled within a whisper.

Me talking you through the ways in which you will get through.

Me holding you tight and keeping you safe.

Me touching your mind in ways you never knew existed.

Me stroking you for hours and hours.

Not the aspects that you conveniently forgot about.

Not the conversations that floated off our tongues and into the universe.

Not the connection that was felt from our first exchange.

Not the star we built, shared and lost.

Forget me…not

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