June 26th 2020: An Arbitrary Thought


I found joy today, in the form of a bag of lettuce.

It was pre-washed and still crunchy, despite the hints of light brown around some of the edges.

I gave it companionship by placing slices of cucumber beside it and I showered it with sesame seeds after this picture was taken.

The heat embraced my body with its hotness, but a cool breeze broke through and glided around me.

Right now, I’m thankful for my readers – without you, only my mind would enjoy these words.

3 thoughts on “June 26th 2020: An Arbitrary Thought

  1. Hi, thank you so much for liking one of my comments, I get to find your blog in return. And now I am excited about lettuce and cucumber again. 🌿😸 Thank you for that. 😘👌🎉

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