iRead: The Children of Hameln by Grimm Brothers

‘Now that the citizens had been freed of their plague, they regretted having promised so much money, and, using all kinds of excuses, they refused to pay him. Finally, he went away, bitter and angry.’ (Grimm)

This is an accurate reflection of today’s society, people like to take, take, take and not even display a tit-bit of GRATITUDE.

Do you come across this often? People will contact you when they’re in need. ‘You know, I never like to ask you for anything, and I will pay you back right away.’ They never say, ‘How are you doing Unique?’ Well not unless they ‘need’ something from me.

And when you ask for them to pay back, or you tell them you need help, they vanish like rats being led by the Pied Piper! The thing is, I would instead they were straight up from the jump-off and told me, ‘I can’t pay you back for 6 months. Etc.’ Instead I get the characters from Grimms short story, playing real roles, asking real favours and regretting to pay up afterwards.

‘Life is NOT a rehearsal!’

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