Our Universe: Ask and I will tell

Last week Tuesday, after a bout of depression (?) I meditated with my crystals and asked the universe to deliver. I thanked our universe for all the gifts that it has provided to me and expressed my gratitude. I believe that we are all connected, in more ways than one. I trust that once we open our minds up, we will be phenomenal together.

We are all connected. Trust in yourself and your ability to be sensational. Encourage positive actions and promote positive energy. 

Channel negative chi skyward and allow our universe to transform it.

Embrace the feel of the earth beneath your feet, inhale deeply and exhale all the negative feelings you’ve been having. Trust in yourself and ask our universe.

I wholeheartedly trust in our universe.

I am intelligent.

I am beautiful.

I am reliable.

I am determined.

I am creative.

I am original.

Dear Universe,

I’m thankful for everything you have done for me.








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