No Ceilings

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No Ceilings in My Life

I was placed here in this universe for a reason.

People have tried on many occasions to dissuade me many times, both close friends and family.

There have even been times where I have believed, they are right, and I can’t do exactly what I want. Looking back there were a few occasions where I gave up on pursuing my passion.

It has taken me years to accept that I can remove those ceilings from my pathway. Which is up! Like a shooting star I shall rise and soar, and the world will see and feel me.


I’ve always felt this inherent desire about where my life will go. I’ve known my purpose in life since I was a young child. My journey is unique to me – I can’t tell you how to get to where you ultimately want to be. All I can say is that you should focus on your own pathway and listen to your heart.

What is working for me may only work for one other person. Or may not work at all.

I’m a firm believer that we all have a purpose in life – I felt it a few times during my childhood. It’s only now in my adult life that I’ve accepted it – I’m unique.

You’re Unique, there is no one else quite like you!

This event is happening now, you must trust your energy. Believe in our universe and take action with your dreams.

You are a creator.

You are important.

You are Unique.

The barriers around you are all a manifestation of negative energy.

Dilute that until it fades.

One thing I do more now is I step-up to the fear.

I feared telling someone how I felt about them.

I feared leaving.

I feared applying to study at University.

I feared tasting tofu (I know that’s random.)

Our universe is plentiful.

You must believe in yourself – break down your walls and build your own table.

Remember: People will do everything and more to ruin you. (Consciously and subconsciously.)

Success does not depend on your existence, it depends on your actions – believe in yourself.

Don’t just live, learn how to self-manifest.

You are the key, the major key, the ONLY key to your most sacred dreams.

How many times have you stated, ‘I’m going to start tomorrow,’ and then pushed back?

What are your habits?

Ultimately, they will form the basis of your manifestation.

Don’t run away from your gift! Embrace it. It loves you!

We are not just here to get by and work.

We are here to live and flourish within this life.

We were created to bless the world with our gifts.

You don’t need to have a huge following or likes. You don’t require approval from anyone else.

Embrace yourself.

Don’t be numbed by employment – work on your passion each day.

The world wants to share your gift and draw upon the energy and inspiration.




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