Like You Used To

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Like You Used To

Those dwellers that dwell in the past, beneath the rock that states, ‘I woz ere 2000.’

Why is it that many can’t see and accept when a person changes? The human can become a better person, refining their current skill set and becoming a better person.

I find it a laborious task explaining to someone that most people, ‘thinkers & doers’ alike are groups of people who progress in life.

What am I babbling on about?

Those conversations I’m brought into whereby one party can’t seem to accept, that another does not operate like that anymore. For instance, I gave up eating meat and consuming dairy a few months ago, till this very day I have people say, ‘Why don’t you eat meat like you used to?’

I also never used to date single fathers; however, a recent encounter changed my mind. But I still get those questions!

Why, oh, why? Don’t you do that like you used to?

Are we trying to stunt the growth of a person, to fit our own perceptions that we build within our mind – to keep our own egos satisfied that another person isn’t doing better? (Gee, a mouthful I know.)

The tedious, familiar feeling I have when I must reply. (Not replying comes across as rude)

Why do some of us have this urge to live stagnant lives? Extract the word ‘live’ and replace it with repeat. Why do some of us have this urge to repeat stagnant lives?

We are on Earth, within a multiverse of universes and yet, SOME of US choose to REPEAT stagnant lives.  Is this a rant? I would say a mini one.

Maybe I’m not transparent enough? Nah!

I believe some people have become too lazy to think before they plough into a conversation, like a person wearing glass slippers on ice. Or a chef preparing vegan food using meat-based cooking utensils. Or saying you care about climate change while discarding your waste into the ocean and buying a bucket of chicken on the way home.

Like you used to!

Will this stop, not unless they think before they speak. But then who am I to make such a statement? I’m just trying to do my bit in a world where people like to repeat stagnant lives.

Well, rant over!

I hope you see how important it is to vent. Bottling up your annoyance, won’t make it age like fine wine. It will fester and become putrid, like comments from trolls beneath a curvy person posting a beautiful image.

Fester away and attract rats with the smell and stale vibes, of a conversation past due – and poorly placed. Boil away like the multiplication of a Gremlin when wet.

Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.

If you need to rant, then rant. Don’t hold onto it and backpack with it to your tomorrow.

Our lives could end like the male Mayfly – all in a day’s action.

How do I feel?

Awesome. Ready to start a new day.

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