You Can’t See Me

📸: Unsplash

We are two people.‬


When together we form one. (Ish)

Hugs everlasting and memorable.



Until I got scared and lied to you.

I lied profusely.

I invented stories.

I acted, by reacting to things what I said happened.

I made sure you saw everything.

All I wanted was more of this.

Instead it dwindled.

I transformed into a honey badger and clawed away at your ankles until they snapped and you fell.

I ran away.

I shrunk myself down and grew long black wings. I felt more balanced and well rounded.

I flew through the forest and found you eating wild mushrooms.

I saw bandages holding your ankles blood supply in tact. I shuddered at what I put you through.

I flew on.

And on.

And on.

Until my heart stopped! I fell from the sky disgracefully. Right into an area of quicksand.

You can’t see me.

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