You’ve stopped drinking Corona beer through fear of catching COVID19, in other words, your ignorant mind has convinced you that COVID19 has been lingering for years upon years around the world, in bottles! That many people have been buying and consuming long before the COVID19 pandemic.

During my daily walk, I see you, I see many of you walking around like no virus exists. I see you standing right next to strangers or walking by them so closely, that you’re inches apart! Only a few inches.

COVID19 is still taking lives away from our Earth.

You’re out wandering around the streets, it’s more than essential travel! How do I know? Because I see you, I’ve seen you like zombies!

COVID19 is still present and raging through our earth.

Yet, you walk aimlessly around in close contact with everyone, not a care in the world.

They may not have used the Nightingale hospital straight away, but it does not take an expert to see that they will be busy in a matter of weeks.

Social distancing markers on the floor but only a small percentage adhere to the rules. I went out this morning to purchase essentials:

  • Sanitary Towels
  • Handwash
  • Drain Cleaner
  • Tissues
  • Hayfever Eyedrops
  • Hayfever tablets

I arrived at the shop at 9 am, opening time. While adhering to social-distancing rules, 3 people came along and casually started browsing in the same box I was standing within – I had been in the shop for about 20 seconds.

I want this to be over as much as everyone else, but not at the cost of even more people dying – additional deaths because ignorant, selfish, detrimental people think that ‘easing lockdown’ is equal to the end of COVID19.

     Coronavirus is roaming around our earth, invading people, choking them by filling their lungs with mucus and unfortunately, ending some lives. All because some of you are ignoring the rules and doing whatever you feel like – the sun is shining, let’s go outside and mingle. Let’s socialise and fuck the 2-metre social-distancing rules, I can stand/walk where the fuck I like.

‘It’s summertime bitches!’

Let’s play Russian Roulette with everyone’s lives!

Don’t worry about dying, we clap for the NHS every Thursday at 20:00.

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